MCL Forrest G. James Det. #589

"Carrying on Marine Corps Traditions Locally"

2016-2017  Forrest G. James Officers


Commandant: Pete Hagert

   I served from July 83 to April 87. After Basic Training at San Dog, 3rd Battalion Kilo Co. I went to school at Millington NAS in TN. My MOS was 5954, I was a COMM TECH for a Tactical Air Traffic Control Squadron, MATCS-18. We were based in Futenma Okinawa. I have worked at the Mankato Post Office since Jan. 1st 1988.

Sr. Vice Commandant: Dean Roberts

   I grew up on a dairy farm near Lake Crystal. Graduated from LCHS in 1963. Entered the Marine Corps in March of 1964. Went to boot camp at MCRD San Diego, CA. Went back to MCRD for electronics training then to Marine Corp Air Station, Yuma, AZ. In Yuma I was assigned to Station Electronics, headquarters and headquarters Squadron. After a year I was sent to Treasure Island Naval Base, CA  for 7 more weeks of Electronics training. Returned to MCAS Yuma, AZ. Finished my active duty in Yuma and was released as a Sgt in March of 1967.

Returned to the farm near Lake Crystal and have been here ever since. Have been married to my wife Patti for 36 years. The Marine Corps is the 2nd best thing I have done in my life.
Semper FI,

Jr. Vice Commandant: James Decker

Chaplain: Mel Hendrickson 

    Served on Active duty July 64 to June 68, I was with 3 different divisions 1st, 3rd, and 5th Did my boot training in San Diego with 1st Battalion, Was one of the final units to use Camp Matthews for weapons qualification  one of the first units to do mess duty or KP at Camp Edison the new range. First Duty Station was Camp Pendleton with Whiskey 1-11 serving as Fire control man for 4.2 inch mortars, I was with them until my return from Vietnam in 1996 and then was with Echo 2-13 until my discharge in 1968. I attained the rank of Sgt. After being released from the inactive reserve I joined the local Army national guard unit in Northern Minnesota and attained the rank of E-7 (Platoon Sgt)

I presently work for the School Sisters of Notre Dame as the purchasing manager.

I joined the MCL in May of 2006 and have been Chaplain since being elected to the office in 2008.

I am married to Susan my wife of 16 1/2 years as of 14 February 2010.

I have 4 adult children

 Judge Advocate: Bob Brucker

 Pay Master: Don Sandmeyer

Sgt. at Arms:  Paul Wojhan